Gelling Fibre Dressings

Promotes Patient Comfort

On contact with wound exudate, KytoCel forms a gel which prevents the dressing adhering to the wound and can be removed in one-piece, making removal easy and pain-free.

Locks Away Pathogens

KytoCel binds and locks away commonly encountered wound pathogens, reducing wound bioburden and the risk of cross-contamination at dressing change.

Natural Composition

KytoCel is composed of natural, biodegradable, acylated chitosan fibres that give the dressing many valuable features including optimal wound exudate management.

KytoCel harnesses the natural properties of chitosan to uniquely manage moderately to heavily exuding wounds

Chitosan is an abundant, renewable, naturally occurring polymer.1

Chitosan’s positive charge allows it to interact with negatively charged molecules such as gram-positive bacteria,
blood cells, proteins, metals and lipids. This ability can be put to good use in biomedicine1, and in particular, in wound management.
Chitosan has many proven and unique properties that are beneficial at every stage of wound healing.2

Accelerates healing 1,3,4,5
Stimulates immune response1
Is antimicrobial (bacteriostatic and fungistatic)3,4,5,6
Is haemostatic3,4,5,6
Is non-toxic4,5,6
Is absorptive3,4,5
Is biocompatible and biodegradable3.