About KytoCel

Managing wounds...naturally

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Managing wounds...naturally

KytoCel is a highly absorbent, conformable, gelling dressing composed of natural, biodegradable, acylated chitosan fibres that give the dressing many valuable features. Chitosan is a naturally-occurring polymer derrived from the shells of crustaceans.1

Highly absorbent for optimal wound exudate management
  • Unique chitosan dressing fibres bond with wound exudate, transforming to form a clear gel that locks fluid away
  • Greater or comparable absorbency to other gelling fibre dressings2

Sequestration: effectively locks away wound pathogens

  • KytoCel has an outstanding ability to bind and lock away commonly encountered wound pathogens, such as E. coli and S. aureus1, reducing wound bioburden and the risk of cross contamination at dressing change
  • KytoCel is more effective at reducing organism numbers within and under the dressing than the leading alginate and hydrofiber®2
Excellent fluid retention for longer wear times
  • KytoCel can retain a large volume of wound exudate3, leading to longer wear times and associated cost savings
Minimal lateral wicking reduces the risk of peri-wound skin damage
  • The minimal lateral wicking demonstrated by KytoCel3 prevents the spread of wound exudate to the edges of the dressing, protecting the peri-wound skin from the risk of maceration


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